Judicial Department

"We work together as a team to deliver justice independently and judicial services in Anguilla by competent officers in a prompt, efficient and effective manner"

The Judicial Department comprises of the following departments:

  • The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Anguilla) Circuit which comprises the Court of Appeal and the High Court;
  • The Magistrate’s Court;
  • The Supreme Court Registry;
  • The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages;
  • The Medical Registry, & Registry of Legal Practitioners, Notaries Public, Commissioners of Oath and Justices of Peace;
  • The Registry of Deeds;
  • The Coroner;
  • The Probate Registry.

Services Offered by the Department

We do the following registrations:

  • Births;
  • Deaths;
  • Marriages;
  • Adoptions;
  • Power of Attorneys;
  • Deed Polls.

We process the following:

  • Marriage Licences (see link to requirements for taking out a marriage licence in Anguilla.)
  • Probate & Letters of Administrations Applications:
  • Applications to be appointed a Marriage Officer;
  • Applications for declaration authorizing the issue banns from church buildings.