Management Structure

Presently the management structure of the department consists of the Chief Education Officer along with four Education Officers. The Education officers are, Education Officer Primary and Pre-primary, Education Officer Curriculum, Education Officer Multi-Professional Support Services (MPSS) and Education Officer Examinations.

In addition there is a Coordinator of Adult Education and a Coordinator Early Childhood Education, and a Curriculum Officer for science.

The Roles are as follows:

  • The Chief Education Officer has overall responsibility for the operation of the education system.
  • The Education Officer Primary/ Pre-Primary coordinates and oversees the primary and pre-primary education system.
  • The Education Officer Curriculum is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of all Curricula related matters.
  • The Education Officer Multi-Professional Support Services is responsible for and oversees the various units that function to support teaching and learning. This includes for example Special Education, School Health, and Counseling among others.
  • The Education Officer Examinations is responsible for all matters related to exams and assessment. It includes for example the local Test of Standards (TOS) the regional CXC/CSEC and several international exams.
  • The Coordinator Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) coordinates the Continuing Education and Teacher Training Programmes, while the Coordinator Early Childhood Education overseas the provision of Early Childhood Education.
  • The Curriculum Officer for Science monitors and supports the teaching of science in the schools. In addition all the officers in the department are involved in school reviews and supervision of teaching and learning.