Our Department

The Statistics Department under the revised statutes of Anguilla, Chapter S60 of December 2000, is given the mandate to officially:

  • collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish statistical information relative to the commercial, industrial, social, economic and general activities and conditions of the people who are the inhabitants of Anguilla:
  • collaborate with all other departments of Government and with local authorities in the collection, computation and publication of statistical records of administration;
  • take any census in Anguilla; and
  • generally to organize a coordinated scheme of social and economic statistics and intelligence pertaining to Anguilla;

Our Vision

To provide statistical services that maximize the appropriate use of statistics in Anguilla and overseas by being the authoritative source in Anguilla on all statistics and statistical methods, and producing the best quality official statistics for improved decision-making in all sectors of the economy through sustained partnerships with businesses, government and society at large, while at the same time preserving and enhancing our integrity and professionalism.

Our Mission

To produce relevant and quality statistics for use by both the private and public sectors of Anguilla and other interested parties in their decision making.

What we do

Economic Statistics
Some areas which fall under Economic Statistics include:

  • Government Finances
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Trade
  • Utilities and Manufacturing

These statistics can be used to generate simple reports about the economy such as imports by commodities or can be used in conjunction with raw data to create indicators.

Social Statistics
Some areas which fall under Social Statistics include:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Demography
  • Gender

These statistics are used to get an understanding about the size structure and composition and any other characteristics of the Anguillian population. They are also used to show the interrelationship between the economic structure of income and expenditure among households.

For more information and detailed statistics visit the Anguilla Statistics Department Website or contact:

Anguilla Statistics Department
Old Court House
P.O. Box 60, The Valley
Anguilla, WI
Telephone: (264) 497 5731
Fax: (264) 497 3986