Anguilla Postal Service


  • Express Mail Service (EMS) which is much cheaper than the other courier services and may take 1 or 2 days longer than the other courier services to arrive at the final destination.
  • Home Shopping - Order online from home and ship your merchandise to our US address
  • Credit Card Service - Post Office can order items for persons who do not have or have difficulty using credit card to order online. (Customer required to pay cash upfront plus a service charge)
  • Money Gram - Send money instantly all over the world
  • Money Transfer - Send money overseas to specific Postal Administrations in the Caribbean
  • Philatelic Bureau - Stamp collectors
  • Post Shop - Souvenier items, T-Shirts, Post cards and mailing supplies and packaging.
  • Advertising Board - General Public can use these facilities to advertise community activities/events at a reasonable fee.