Department of Information Technology & E-Government Services

In July 25th 1994, the Technology Unit under the Ministry of Finance was established with the mission to; Develop, implement and manage the most advanced appropriate Information Systems Strategy and Technology to meet the present and future information and technological needs of the Government of Anguilla.

Starting out with only two members of staff and one small office the unit was responsible for all IT equipment in the Ministry of Finance.

Increasing gradually through the years the unit became responsible for all Government and its staturatory bodies IT needs. This resulted in the staff size growing to an eight member team and in March 2000 took over the entire lower Western wing of the Secretariat Building.

In January 2001, the Information Technology Unit became the Department of Information Technology and E-Government Services.  In 2007 the Department was transferred under the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, Utilities, Housing, Agriculture & Fisheries.
Presently we have a staff of 22 educated and well trained staff in many different areas of the Information Technology scope.

Services we offer to the Government Departments

  • Reviewing and implementing Government's Information Systems Strategy
  • Managing and Implementing Government's Information Technology
  • Managing and Implementing Government’s IT related projects
  • Systems Management
  • Planning Hardware Installation
  • Purchase, Installation and Maintenance of all IT equipment (includes computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, phones etc…)

Services We Provide

  • Design and Maintenance of all Government Telecommunication needs (phones, internet, etc…)
  • Design, Install and Maintain structured cabling services
  • Desktop Publishing Services
  • Web Services
  • End User Training
  • Sale of IT consumables (toner, ink, diskettes, etc…) to Government