Vehicle Registration & Inspection

Registration of vehicles is done at the Department of Infrastructure, Communication & Utilities lwhile fees are paid at the Inland Revenue Department. Official paper work proving ownership must be submitted as well as proof of valid insurance. The vehicle to be registered must also be inspected to ensure that it complies with all regulations.

The following fees listed below are applicable to vehicle registrations:

  • $120 EC for registration of a vehicle requiring and $100 EC for a new licence plate number.
  • Vehicles weighing under 1 ton pay a registration fee of $610 EC
  • Vehicles 1 ton but not exceeding 2 tons pay a registration fee of $685 EC.

Vehicles are licenced in the month corresponding to the last digit of the registration number (ie Number plates ending in one and two are licenced in the months January and February respectively). Transfer or change of owner ship, change of colour and registration of new vehicles are all processed at the Public Works Dept.