Driving Licences & Permit

Drivers Licences

A valid driver's licence is required to operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle on the public roads of Anguilla. Special Licences are also required for heavy equipment and other vehicle classes. Licences can be obtained at the Inland Revenue department after successfully completing the requirements shown below along with the fees:

  • Applicants must be atleast 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must successfully complete both the written and road driving tests.
  • The Written Driver's Test is at a cost of $50.00 EC and the Road Test is$90.00 EC.
  • The Highway Code (the booklet used to prepare for the written test) is available at the Inland Revenue Department for $25.00 EC
  • The cost of a one (1) year licence (Class B) is $125.00 EC and it remains valid until Decmber 31st of the year issued
  • The cost of a three (3) year licence (Class B) is $310.00 EC and it remains valid for 3 years after the date of issue

Appointments are needed to take any of the drivers tests and can be made by calling the Police Department at (264) 497 2333..

Driving Permits

For those not yet meeting the requirements to obtain a licence or visitors needing to drive for a short period of time, a learners permit or temporary driving permit may be more suitable.

Learners permits require holders to be atleast 16 years of age and cost $65.00 EC. The permits are valid for 3 months and require the holder to drive along with a driver licenced for atleast 3 years sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. The vehicle must also prominently display red "L"s against a white background.

Temporary driving permits allow holders of foreign drivers licences to drive locally for up to 6 months. They are available for bona fide visitors only. The temporary permits cost $67.00 EC for 3 month licences and $40.00 EC for 3 day licences. They are available from the Inland Revenue Department or from most car rental agencies.

A passport or other valid picture ID is required to verify the identity of applicants for all licences and permits.