Naturalisation Tips

1. Ensure application form is completely filled out, signed and dated.

2. All original documents must be submitted along with one copy of each document. Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by certified translations by a translator approved by chambers.

3. Answer questions on application form honestly as all information provided is checked for veracity.

4. Dishonest answers and documents will prejudice your application. Additionally, should your dishonesty be discovered after your application has been approved, you naturalisation may be revoked

5. Your application for naturalisation will not be considered unless—(a)AND (b)

wacations from Dominican Republic nationals. Please note that due to the number of false documents emanating from this jurisdiction, depending on the basis of your application, your documents may be sent to the British Embassy in the Dominican Republic for verification of their authenticity. This may delay the application process. As above, all translations submitted must be produced by a translator approved by chambers.

15. All applicants for naturalisation are required to be interviewed at the Attorney General’s Chambers. We will inform you of the date and time of your interview via telephone. Please ensure that the contact number on your application form is correct.

16. Prior to and at your interview, you may be required to submit additional documents. Your compliance is essential to the processing of your application.

17. Applicants for naturalisation may be required to pass a language test to assess whether or not they are able to communicate in the English language effectively both in writing and orally.

If your application for naturalisation has been deferred to a specific date, please contact the Chambers on that date, so that your application can be reactivated.

18. If your application is denied because you have not met the requirement for naturalisation, please feel free to submit another application when these requirements have been met.

19. Documents to submit in support of your application— ORIGINALS and COPIES OF ALL DOCUMENTS REQUESTED *(If not written in English please have documents translated by a local Translator).

1. ALL pages of previous and current Passport(s) since first arrival in Anguilla.

2. Applicant’s Birth Certificate;

3. Birth Certificate of Spouse;

4. Marriage Certificate;

5. If divorced please supply divorced documents.

6. Grandparents Birth Certificates;

7. Parents Birth Certificates.

8. Belonger Status Certificate.

9. Valid Permanent Resident Permit/booklet

10. Copies of ALL work permits.

11. Job letter/s covering the last 5 years.

12. If self-employed please provide ALL business licenses.

13. A letter of residency (has to be from an Anguillian or BOTC. Letter CANNOT be written by a referee).This letter must be from a well-known person in your community and must state—

a) in what capacity that person has known you;

b) how long you have been resident in Anguilla and in that particular community;

c) your character and attributes;

d) what, if any contributions you have made to the Anguilla society. Note: if your residence is in question, you may be required to provide information on affidavit.

14. All school letters, if you have attended school in Anguilla.

15. Any other relevant documentation.

16. If applying for children under the age of 18 years please provide:

a) All school letters for child/children. ;

b) Consent letter from the other parent.

c) Health Card Record(s).

d) Birth Certificate(s) for child/children.

e) Passport(s)/Travel Document(s)

f) Parent’s Birth Certificates

17. Receipt from payment made to Inland Revenue Department.

N.B. A non-refundable processing fee of EC$100.00 covering an application should be paid at the Inland Revenue Department before application(s) are submitted to this Office.