STMP - Concept and Plan

The STMP states that to give coherence to the overall planning, management and promotion of the Anguillian tourism product, a development concept and plan is proposed that is based on three key fundamentals:

  • Designation of three Tourism Development Areas (TDAs) East End TDA, Central TDA and West End TDA.
  • Diversification of the product offer in a way that can be promoted to different niche markets.
  • Capacity of environment to sustain tourism development.

It is important to emphasize that designation of TDAs does not imply ‘zoning’ in any form. Rather, the aim of the TDA concept and plan is to provide a framework for appropriate types and scale of tourism development at the island level. The plan identifies areas suitable for tourism development comprising natural and cultural resources, facilities and infrastructure. Proposed tourism developments are based on the development plan of private sector developers, in-field observations of present use, feedback from government departments and evaluation of potential opportunities and the Tourism Vision.

Although the plan is developed at the island wide level and is largely a top down approach, planning for tourism must take account of local issues and community participation, important components of the TDA development plans.