STMP - Aims & Outputs of the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan


The STMP will elaborate the policy framework for development, management, monitoring and long term sustainability of the tourism sector for the ten year period, the main objectives of which are to provide:

  • a formal long-term 10-year plan to serve as a reference for informed, strategic decision making by GOA as it relates to tourism management and development in general;
  • specific advice and recommendations, inter alia, on designated core tourism development areas, tourism sustainability and related environmental implications, tourism product development and marketing initiatives; and
  • a range of options for diversifying Anguilla’s tourism product and recommendations on appropriate financing alternatives.


Implementation of the recommendations and components of the STMP is expected to ensure that Anguilla:

  • develops a diversified and competitive tourism product;
  • enhances its institutional capacity to manage the tourism sector; and
  • strengthens its presence in existing and new target tourism markets and/or market niches.