STMP - Vision

The formulation of the Tourism Vision for Anguilla was the result of a gradual, evolutionary and participatory process characterised by extensive consultation with stakeholders, involving public and tourism sector ‘visioning’ fora, group discussions and workshops.

A web-site link was also set up to facilitate the citizenry of Anguilla having an input into the formulation of the vision. The following ideas were expressed through consultation.

Underlying Anguilla’s beautiful beaches, high quality resorts, world class cuisine, it is the distinct Anguillian experience which sets the country apart as a desirable vacation destination. Anguilla offers the ultimate traditional holiday experience –peaceful relaxation, unhurried; an unquestioning acceptance by a warm and friendly people; a feeling of being safe and looked after in an environment of pampered luxury. Anguilla is a tranquil hideaway, with no mass tourism. A place where there are no pressures to do things; a place where time stands still.

Reflecting this, the following Vision statement has been formulated:

We are a premier Caribbean destination known for our world class beaches; pristine azure waters; top class resorts and restaurants; relaxed ambience; sense of place, peace and tranquility in a safe setting among a friendly and hospitable people that take pride in their identity, cultural heritage and environment’.