Benefits of Working in the Public Service

The Anguilla Public Service is a highly trained, motivated and customer-oriented organization. It implements the policies of Government effectively and efficiently and adapts to the changing environment in which it operates.

Some of the other benefits of working in the Anguilla Public Service include:-


    All officers who wish to remain in the Service look forward to being promoted. According to General Orders 2.23 - 2.28 the factors that are taken into consideration when promotion for an officer is being contemplated include seniority, qualifications and performance (not necessarily in this order).


    General Orders (Chapter 7) spell out the different kinds of leave available to public officers. These include: Paid vacation leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Sick Leave, Study Leave, Compassionate Leave


    Some officers receive certain allowances in addition to their basic salary; these may include travel allowance (paid at different levels) and duty allowance.


    Each Salary Grade has six points. Presently, an officer begins at Point 1 and progresses to Point 6 – receiving one increment per annum. (INCREMENTS ARE PRESENTLY FROZEN)


    Presently Government pays medical insurance for all permanent officers, officers on probation and contract officers. Temporary officers become eligible after one year of continuous Service


    Public Officers' pension is no longer discretionary. All public officers who meet the criteria are entitled to a pension at the end of their tenure in the service. One becomes eligible after having served a minimum of ten (10) years continuous service.


    One of the main reasons why many persons like to be employed in the Anguilla Public Service is that it provides 'lifetime' employment.