Government Directory

Her Excellency The Governor: Julia Crouch OBE

Honourable Deputy Governor: Perin A Bradley,

Permanent Secretary: Larry A Franklin, PS Public Admin

Ministry Summary

The Governor’s office works in partnership with the Ministers of the Government of Anguilla and the UK Government to promote the security, prosperity and good governance of Anguilla.

The Governor’s Office focuses on:

• Carrying out Constitutional and other functions of the offices of the Governor and Deputy Governor effectively, with integrity, and whenever possible in full transparency when discharging their responsibilities both to the Government and people of Anguilla and to the UK Government.

• Promoting and facilitating initiatives that will ultimately lead to the modernization of the public service through improvements in recruitment and retention techniques, benefits, customer service, productivity, performance, communication and the ethics and integrity of public service.

• Identifying and implementing more effective means of communication between the public and the public service.

• Working with the Department of Disaster Management to initiate and sustain national strategies and supporting work programmes for all phases of disaster management, mitigation, preparedness, emergency response and recovery.

• Working with the Government of Anguilla and the Commissioner of Police to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Royal Anguilla Police Force.

• Ensuring that Anguilla complies with international standards in the maintenance of aviation and maritime safety and security.


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