November 2001

Visitor Arrivals, which include Day and Stay Over Visitors to Anguilla for the month of November, were 6,356, a 4% increase when compared with the same period 2000 when 6,114 visitors came to the island.  The total number of visitors to date is 95,787 a 3.6% decline when compared to 2000 which had 99,355 visitors for the first 11 months.

 Tourist or Stay Over Visitors for this month, were 3,290. This is a 7% decline from the 3,536 tourists that visited the island in November 2000.  Overall, for the first 11 months of this year, Tourist arrivals recorded are 43,271 a 13% increase when compared to 38,289 for the same period in 2000.  This is the highest recorded figure for this period since 1999 when 42,934 tourists visited.

 Excursionists arrivals to the island for the month of November, showed an increase of 17.6% when compared to the same period in 2000.  Arrivals were recorded at 3,066 in 2001 compared to 2,608 for November 2000.  For the first eleven months of the year, Excursionists were down 14%, resulting in an overall decline in visitor arrivals of 3.6%.

 Despite the situation in the United States, this region still dominates the tourist market. Arrivals from the U.S.A for the month of November accounted for 66% of the market share, compared to 68% in 2000.  The Caribbean accounted for 17% in 2001 compared to 14% in 2000.  Italy and Germany when combined had a mere 1.0% of the market share. for the month of November for both 2001 and 2000.  Canada, United Kingdom and Other Europe represented market shares of 3%, 6% and 4% respectively during November for both 2001 and 2000.


 ** Visitor arrivals data for the Port of Sandy Ground is not included for the month of November 2000/2001.

Tourism Statistics Summary