January 2002

Data for January 2002, the peak of the 2001/02 tourism season, shows a decline of 10.7% in visitor arrivals, compared to January last year.  However, they were 16.7 % higher than in 2000.  Arrivals for this month were 7,364 compared to 8,249 in 2001 and 6308 in 2000.  The major source of this decline was from Tourist arrivals rather than Excursionist arrivals.

January 2002 Tourist arrivals were 3,857 compared to 4,504 for the same period 2001, resulting in a 14.4% decline.  The downward spiral in arrivals since the 4th quarter 2001 can be attributed to the terrorist events that took place in the United States of America on September 11, and the economic downturn that they are experiencing, which in one way or another is affecting the rest of the world. 

Excursionist (Day Visitors) arrivals also saw a decline of 6.4%.  Arrivals from this particular category of visitors recorded declines for most of 2001.  For January 2002, excursionist arrivals were 3,507 compared to 3,745 for the same period in 2001.

Excursionist arrivals through the port of Blowing Point for January 2002 saw a larger decline of 7.7 % than other ports when compared to January 2001.  Arrivals through Blowing Point were 3,390 for January this year compared to 3,671 last year whilst arrivals through the airport were 117 for the same period this year compared to 74 last year resulting in an increase of 58.1%.

 The United States of America is still the major source of tourist arrivals to Anguilla, accounting for 72.8% of the market share for January 2002. Arrivals from this country were down 5.2% in January 2002 compared with the same period in 2001.  The Caribbean (including the French and Dutch Territories) represented 12% of the market share and arrivals from this region were up by 24% for January 2002, while arrivals from Canada accounted for 3%.  The United Kingdom, Italy and Germany represented market shares of 5%, 2% and 1% respectively and Other Europe 2%.  Italy and Germany had the largest declines of 80% and 91% in tourist arrivals for January 2002.  The decline in the Italian market can be attributed to the closure of the Coccoloba Hotel1 for the 2001/02 tourist season. 

 Out of the 3,857 tourists that came to Anguilla for the month of January 2002, 2,840 visited for a period of 4-15 days, 575 stayed for 1-3 days and 442 stayed for 16-23+ days.


1 The main resort that caters to Italian tourists.

 ** Visitor arrivals data for the Port of Sandy Ground is not included for the month of November 2000/2001.

Tourism Statistics Summary