February 2002

Data from the Port of Sandy Ground is not included for the month of February 2001/2002.

 Visitor arrivals, which include Excursionists and Tourist arrivals fell by 3.6% for February 2002.  Arrivals recorded were 8,462 compared to 8,776 in 2001.  Tourist arrivals contributed to the decline more than excursionists.

 Tourist arrivals, which make up a larger contribution to the economy for February were 4,664 compared to 5,552 in 2001, resulting in a 16% decline.  However they were 5.6% higher than in 2000 when 4,414 tourist arrivals were recorded.

 Out of the 4,664 tourists that visited the island for February, 3,757 or 80% stayed for a period of 4-15 days, 487 visited for 1-3 days and 420 visited for 16-23+ days. On average for January and February 2002, the length of stay was 9 days the same for the corresponding period in 2001.

 Tourist arrivals from the United States of America, continued to fall.  Although this country accounted for 75% of the market share for February, arrivals fell 12% in comparison to February 2001.  The Caribbean (including French and Dutch Territories) represented 9.2% of the market share, arrivals from this region also declined by 7.2% for the reported period, while arrivals from Canada remained at 3% of the market share.  The United kingdom, Italy and Germany each represented market shares of 5.0%, 1.0% and 1.4% respectively and other Europe 2.9%.  Arrivals from Italy fell 84.0% for February 2002 when compared to the same period in 2001.  This decline in the Italian market can be attributed to the closure of the Coccoloba Hotel for the 2001/2002 tourist season.

 Excursionist arrivals to Anguilla for February had a significant increase of 17.5% when compared to 2001.  Arrivals recorded were 3,798 compared to 3,224 in 2001.  The port of Blowing Point saw a total of 3,705 excursionists passing through for February, a major increase of 17% when compared to the same period in 2001, whilst arrivals through the Airport were a total of 93 for the period reported compared to 53 in 2001.

  ** Visitor arrivals data for the Port of Sandy Ground is not included for the month of February 2002.

Tourism Statistics Summary