Preliminary Tourism Summary Data
December 2001 data

Data from the port of Sandy Ground is not included for the month of December 2000 and 2001 in this release.

Anguilla saw a decline in Visitor Arrivals for the month of December, 2001 compared to the same month in 2000.    Visitor arrivals, which include Day and Stay Over Visitors, were recorded at 7,655.  When compared to the same period in 2000, this figure represents a decline of 8.5%.

December 2001 Tourist or Stay Over Visitor arrivals were 4,674 compared to 5,500 in December of 2000 resulting in a 15% decline.  This is the lowest recorded figure since December 1999 when 3,848 tourists came to Anguilla.  As in previous months, this drop in arrivals can be attributed to the reluctance of people to travel since the tragedy in the United States.

Excursionist arrivals to the island for this month, increased by 4% when compared to December 2000. Arrivals were recorded at 2,981, compared to 2,870 in 2000.

 Although, arrivals from this country at 3,077 were down 11% from arrivals in 2000 when they were 3,483, the United States of America continues to be the dominant source for tourist arrivals accounting for 66% of the market share.  The Caribbean, which has always been the second largest market, accounted for 12.3% in both 2001 and 2000.   Canada and the United Kingdom represented market shares of 5% and 6% respectively for December 2001, compared to 4% and 7% in 2000.   Italy, Germany accounted for 1% and 4% respectively, other European Countries 4%.