International Merchandise Trade Statistics Summary

1st Quarter 2002

January – March


The monthly percentage rates of decline in imports for the first quarter of 2002 compared to 2001, while remaining significant have reduced each month.  Anguilla’s total international merchandise trade imports for the 1st quarter ending March 2002 was EC$45.0 million, a 26.5% decline in comparison to the same period for 2001.  January and February 2002 recorded declines in Imports of 30.8% and 25.7% respectively.  March also saw a decline in imports of 22.0% albeit smaller than the first two months of the quarter.



Some of the main contributors to this decline were heavy equipment and construction vehicles, foodstuff, furniture and machinery parts, certain construction materials such as marble stone, piping and portland cement.


Total merchandise exports for the 1st quarter 2002 amounted to EC$2.4 million, of which total domestic exports comprised of Blocks and Rum was EC$150,273, a 17.6 % decline compared to the previous year when there was EC$182,587 in domestic exports.  EC$2.3 million were the re-exportation of items.

January to March had a recorded trade balance of EC$42.6 million in deficit1 a 28.2% decline compared to 2001, representing an improvement in the trade balance.




1 Net imports with imports exceeding exports.


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