The CPI is a measure used for the general level of retail prices in the Anguilla economy.
Its change from one period to another (inflation rate) indicates the general price movement.
It is a composite measure of the change in average prices paid by the consumer for a representative
basket of goods and services.

The Anguilla Consumer Price Index (AXACPI) programme produces quarterly data on changes
in the prices paid by consumers for many components of consumers’ expenditure.

The CPI Reports are based on quarterly surveys conducting on the Wednesday of the first week of the last month of the quarter.
The CPI surveys covers retail prices of over 1,000 consumer items in the 2000-based  CPI basket from a total of over 30 outlets.

Reports are produced with analysis for the quarter over quarter and the year over year change.


Release Calendar (Using the font two sizes below the one used for the CPI heading  but using the same colour as above)

Report Period

Release Date *


3rd  Wednesday in April


3rd  Wednesday in July


3rd  Wednesday in October


3rd  Wednesday in January


* - on the condition that it is not a public holiday.


Annual & Quarterly Historical Table(CPI Components)
2001 Quarterly Releases

2002 Quarterly Releases  
2003 Quarterly Releases
2004 Quarterly Releases
2005 Quarterly Releases
2006 Quarterly Releases
2007 Quarterly Releases
2008 Quarterly Releases
2009 Quarterly Releases
2010 Quarterly Releases
2011 Quarterly Releases
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2013 Quarterly Releases
December 2000 Press Release

December 1999 Press Release

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