The CPI is a measure used for the general level of retail prices in the Anguilla economy.
Its change from one period to another (inflation rate) indicates the general price movement.
It is a composite measure of the change in average prices paid by the consumer for a representative basket of goods and services.

The Anguilla Consumer Price Index (AXACPI) programme produces quarterly data on changes
in the prices paid by consumers for many components of consumers’ expenditure.

Old Consumer Price Indies (Year 2000 = 100)
The CPI Reports are based on quarterly price collections conducted on the Wednesday of the first week of the last month of the quarter. The CPI price collection covers retail prices of over 1,000 consumer items in the 2000-based CPI basket from a total of over 30 outlets.

New Consumer Price Indies (Year 2010 = 100)
The Anguilla Statistics Department (ASD) has rebased the Anguilla Consumer Price Index (AXACPI) to the year 2010, a revision of the old series based on December 2000. The new CPI series based on expenditure patterns of 2008 were derived from the 2008/09 Household Income and Expenditure survey which was one of the components of a Country Poverty Assessment exercise (CPA). Due to the time that elapsed between 2001 and now, it was deemed necessary to rebase in order to accurately determine household consumption pattern which usually change over time in response to changes in goods and/or services, consumers’ taste and preference and/or outcomes of households.

The new series seeks to collect prices for some 799 consumer basket goods and services from over 130 markets and business outlets. These items were classified and grouped using the United Nations’ managed international classification - Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP).

Please note that reports posted between the years 2001 - 2013 are based at year 2000 prices (2000=100) and 2014 reports onwards will be based at year 2010 prices (2010=100). Data based at 2010 prices will have a quarterly and annual data series that runs from 1st Quarter 2010 - onwards.

Release Calendar

Report Period

Release Date *


3rd  Wednesday in April


3rd  Wednesday in July


3rd  Wednesday in October


3rd  Wednesday in January


* - on the condition that it is not a public holiday.


Annual & Quarterly Historical Table(CPI Components)
Annual and Quarterly CPI Tables (2010=100)
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