Definiton of Terms 
Term  Definition 
Live Births  The total number of male and female new borns in Anguilla 
Deaths  The total number of male and female exclusive of stillborns in Anguilla 
Still Birth  (according to WHO) is a baby born with no signs of life at or after 28 weeks' gestation. This figure is excluded from live birth in Anguilla
Residential Marriage  This is when one or both individuals must a be an Anguillan nationality 
Visitor Marriage  This is the calculation of both individuals being non-nationals of Anguilla. It also reflects the total of all marriages that have been performed by Publication of Banns.  
N.A  Figures are not available  
ED  Enumeration District 
N.R Not Released 
Divorce granted  This is counted when the case becomes absolute or final. This occurs at the expiration of a statutory 'waiting period' known as the interlocutory or nisi period.
Divorce Cases worked on by Court/ Divorce in Progress  Measures the volume of events occuring in one month for open divorce cases.