Abstract of Statistics 2000


 This issue of the Annual Abstract of Statistics provides a wide range of statistical data on Anguilla for the period 1988 – 2000.  There have been a number of revisions to tables and additional tables presented. The table on Cause of Death has been revised to conform to the International Classification of Diseases. The population data is based upon preliminary estimates from the 2001 Census. New tables include Waste Disposal, Life Expectancy, Driver’s Licenses by Age & Sex, Water Production and the Number of Businesses by Individuals and Size.

 The purpose of this publication is to provide data to business organisations, researchers, government departments and the general public on the economic and social trends of Anguilla. The Statistics Office gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all data suppliers.  Notification of errors and omissions is certainly welcome, and we do invite comments and recommendations on the contents and coverage.

 There are a considerable number of tables in this abstract.  Users are provided with relevant information on Climate, Population, Demography, Education, Health, Crime, Public Utilities, Travel and Financial and Economic statistics. 

 The work on this publication was done by Statistical Assistant, Charmine Fleming, whose hard work is commended.

 This publication could not have been possible without the cooperation of a number of Government Departments, Boards and some private sector institutions.  We thank them for continuing to provide the data which is now published in this abstract.  We look forward to the same cooperation and continued support in the future.

 A special effort is to be made in 2002 to publish the updated tables for 2001 earlier in the year. This will mean that the publication’s chapters will be issued separately as data becomes available. The publication will be available from the government web site at www.gov.ai.


Fabian M. Fahie

Permanent Secretary

Economic Development, Investment & Commerce


  0      Value is Zero

  ..  Value is close to zero and cannot be published

  -   Figures are not available

n.a. Figures are not applicable



 Location:                       Latitude:  18 degrees 10 mins North Longitude:  63 degrees 5 mins West

 Area:                            91 square km (35 sq. miles)

 Population:                    8960 (Resident – Census 1992) 11,300 (Resident – Estimated 2001)

Population Density:         81 Persons/Km2 (Estimated 1999)

Total Fertility Rate:       1.79 (Census 1992)

Capital:                         The Valley

Highest Point:                Crocus Hill (213 ft)

Temperature:                28 degrees Celsius (82 F)

Rainfall:                        29.5 inches (2000)

Nationality:                    British Dependency

Governor:                      His Excellency, Peter Johnstone

Chief Minister               Honourable, Mr. Osbourne Fleming

Ruling Parties:               United Front (ADP & ANA)

Official Language:         English

GDP Per Capita:            EC$ 20,422 (2000 – at Factor cost)

                                     EC$ 25,526 (2000 – at Market Prices)

Main Exports:                Concrete blocks, Rum

Main Imports:                Fuels, Food Products, Chemicals, Manufactured goods, Textiles

Main Trading Partners:  U.S.A., Puerto Rico, St. Maarten

Main Industry:               Tourism

Exchange Rates            EC$1.00 = US$0.37 (fixed)

                                    US$1.00 = EC$2.68 (fixed)

Unemployment Rate:    8% (1999)

Inflation Rate:               6.5% (December 2000)

Life Expectancy:                   78 years


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