The data in this statistical review of tourism in 2003 should provide government planners and
planners in the Tourism Sector and other closely related economic sectors with essential
information providing the basis for policy formulation and decision making related to tourism.
Improvements were made in the collection, compilation and analysis of the 
tourism data during 2003.  Visitor statistics were published throughout the year on a monthly
and quarterly basis in a timely manner. In addition Visitor Exit Surveys were conducted
and Occupancy rates were calculated during some months of the year.  
I commend the staff of the Statistics Department especially the Statistical Officer responsible for the
production of tourism statistical data for the excellent work in this area undertaken during 2003.
Special thanks also go to the Immigration Department and the Tourist Board without whom 
this publication would not have been possible.  We are especially grateful to the Immigration 
Department for providing the data in a timely manner.  This made the task of the Statistics  
Department easier and contributed to the improvements achieved.  
The Statistics Department welcomes comments and suggestions from users as it endeavours
to expand and improve the data presented in the years ahead.   
NOTE:  This publication will be available on the Statistics web site at If 
printed copies will be required, the office will print at a charge of  EC$2.50 or US$1.00 per page.