Visitor arrivals to the island of Anguilla fell by 6.7%. Arrivals totaled 104,974 compared to 112,469 in 2000.       
Tragedies and natural disasters affected the island's visitor arrivals for the past two years.  Notably Hurricane
Lenny which struck the island in November of 1999 affected visitor arrivals for the last two months of
that year and spilled over to 2000.  The September 11th terrorist tragedy the U.S.A. in 2001
again caused a slump in arrivals, just when the season was looking promising.  
January 2001 recorded the largest increase of 25.5% with 11,794 visitors, the highest recorded figure since
January 1998 when 13,099 visitors came to these shores, while December had the largest decline of 23.1%. 
For the last 10 months of the year Visitor arrivals declined on average by 11.4%
Tourist arrivals for 2001 were 47,965 a 9.5% increase over 2000 when 43,789 arrivals came to Anguilla.
At the beginning of 2001, the season looked promising, especially with the first four months of the year
recording significant increases of 25%, with April recording the highest figure in arrivals of 6,054, the
highest figure ever recorded over the past 5 years.  December had the largest decline of 14.7%. 
For the last quarter of 2001, tourist arrivals declined on average of 9.2%.  The drop in arrivals reflects
the effects of the September 11th tragedy in the United States.  This was further aggravated by the
economic downturn in the U.S.A, which in one way or another affected the rest of the world.
Excursionist arrivals were 57,009 in 2001 compared to 68,680 for 2000.  This type of visitor was the main
contributor to the decline in total visitors in 2001.  This category declined 17%.  January was the only month
that had an increase of 26% recording 7,290 arrivals. For the remaining eleven months of the year
arrivals declined, with December recording the largest of 31% followed by March, October and June with
29.8%, 24.5% and 22.2% respectively.
Tourist arrivals from the United States, despite the severe impacts of the shocks on its economy were
up 21.3% for 2001.  Total arrivals accounted for 63% of the market share .  The Dutch West Indies, although
it only represents 1% of the market share had an increase in arrivals of 38%.  The Caribbean maintained its
place as the second largest market for Tourist arrivals accounting for 14% of the market with 6,682 arrivals.
Arrivals from Canada and Italy both recorded declines of 16.8% and 26.5% accounting for 2.6 and 5.7% of .
the market share respectively.  The United Kingdom, Germany and Other Europe all accounted for 5.8%, 1%
and 4% respectively.
Expenditure by visitors to Anguilla during 2001 was estimated at EC$164.7 million (US$61.0 million), up 10%
from 2000 when there was an estimate of EC$149 million (US$55.2 million).   Winter Tourist spent on average
 US$220.0 daily while Summer tourist spent US$158.9.
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