Tourism represents various types of short-term travel and visits by persons and is variously defined by
particular purposes, by reference to the purpose of the journey, duration and other criteria.
In any particular place, visitors represent all non-residents.  They may be divided into day visitors
(sometimes described as excursionists) and tourists.
These are persons (national or alien) normally resident abroad who enter the island and remain for not
less than twenty-four hours and not more than six months for legitimate non-immigrant purposes such as:-
a)   Pleasure, Recreation, Holiday, Sport
b)   Business, Visiting Friends and Relatives, Conference, Health, Studies, Religion, Mission, Meetings
These are visitors staying less than twenty-four hours in the country visited and not overnighting at an
accommodation establishment.
Citizens of Anguilla who are living abroad are not included in these totals as well as citizens of St. Martin/
St. Maarten are also not included.
Tourist Seasons
Winter :   November - April
Summer:  May - October