Gross Domestic Product (GDP) -  is the value of all goods and services produced in a specified period of time in Anguilla.
GDP in Current Prices- measures output valued at current dollar value (not adjusted for inflation).
GDP in Constant Prices- measures the value of output at prices for another year (base year 2006) to exclude the impact of changing prices.
Output per capita-  equals GDP divided by population in reference year.
Growth-  steady increase in aggregate output over time.
Industries-  is the structure used for classification of activities. It includes:
Agriculture & Fishing- all activities related to farming of crops, livestock and fishing and incidental services.
Mining and Quarrying- includes extracting minerals occurring naturally and activities aimed at preparing the crude materials for marketing.
Electricity and Water-  covers the activity of providing electric power and water supply through a permanent infrastructure (network) of lines, mains and pipes.
Construction-  covers general construction and special trade construction for buildings and civil engineering, building installation and building completion. It includes new work, repair, additions and alterations, the erection of prefabricated buildings or structures on the site and also construction of a temporary nature.
Wholesale and Retail-  includes wholesale and retail sale of any type of goods, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise.
Hotels and Restaurants- includes both accommodation and food services; there may be overlap in activities in this component.
Transport, Storage & Communication-  covers activities related to providing passenger or freight transport, whether scheduled or not, by road, water or air and services related to this operation like the operation of roads, terminal facilities, piers, airports. It also includes postal activities and telecommunication.
Financial Intermediation-  include all units primarily engaged in financial transactions and those in insurance and pension funding.
Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities- covers buying, selling, renting and operating real estate that is, apartment buildings and dwellings, non-residential buildings and land.
Public Administration, Defence; Compulsory Social Secuirty-  includes general administration and supervision in the field of social and economic life, defence, justice, police, foreign affairs etc. and management of social security scheme.
Education includes both public and private educational activity and includes primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, driving schools etc
Health includes the provision of health and social work activities. Activities include a wide range of activities, starting from health care provided by trained medical professionals in hospitals and other facilities, over residential care activities that still involve a degree of health care activities to social work activities without any involvement of health care professionals.
Other Community, Social & Personal Services-  includes services provided by businesses to individuals, other businesses or the community as a whole.