Text Box: Explanatory Notes and Definitions

SOURCE:      The Statistics published are primarily obtained from the Customs Warrants submitted to the Customs and Excise Department on the importation and exportation of Goods.

TRADE CLASSIFICATION:    The classification of goods is based on the Standard International Trade Classification (S.I.T.C) Rev 3.

PERIOD COVERED:   These tables covers all documents relating to Trade brought into account during the Calendar Year stated in the tables.

SYSTEM OF TRADE:    The "General Trade" System is used in this report.    With this type of trade system, imports include all goods entering the economic territory of the compiling country and exports include all goods leaving the economic territory of the compiling country.  

VALUATION:    All values are shown in Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$).  
              *  Imports are valued C.I.F., i.e the value, insurance, freight and incidental charges up to time of  delivery at the port.                                                               
              *  Exports are valued F.O.B., i.e the value includes charges up to the time of delivery on board the exporting vessel or aircraft.