Anguilla's overall total International trade merchandise imports was EC$210 million,a 17.8% decline when
compared to 2000 when EC$255 million was recorded.  The last quarter of the year was the major
contributor. October and December both showed a 36% decline in imports , while November had a 52%
decline.  January and July both had slight increases of 4% and 3% respectively.  The larger decline during
the  last quarter of 2001 can possibly be attributed to the economic impact of the terror in the USA of
September 11, plus the lower expected demand by tourists.
The major sources of the decline for 2001 were motor vehicles, heavy equipment, construction materials and
gas oils (diesel, gasoline, propane).  There were no major building projects under construction, which
accounted for the drop in construction related materials.  Recently there has been an increase in the
importation of used cars.  These vehicles are much cheaper to import, therefore enabling the importer to pay
less for the car and the duty being paid is also lessened.  In addition the price of fuel dropped for 2001 when
compared to 2000.  These lower values cause import figures to show a decline, which does not necessarily .
mean proportionately fewer cars or gas oils are being imported to the island.
Trade with Caricom countries accounted for 7.2% of all imports, a 40.7% decline when compared to 2000,
while trade with North America made up 59.4%, of which the United States of America, the island's largest
trading partner accounted for EC$122 million or 58%.  Even so imports of goods from that country fell by
17% during 2001. Imports from European countries amounted to 4.8%, with the United kingdom as
 the main trading European Union partner with EC$6.5 million.
Exports amounted to EC$8.6 million, of which total domestic exports were EC$1.0 million compared to the
previous year when there was EC$2.4 million in domestic exports.  Rum and blocks, the main domestic
exports were EC$272,319 and EC$794,377 respectively.
For the year 2001, the island's recorded trade balance was EC$201 million in deficit (i.e net imports
with imports exceeding exports) a 17.6% decline compared to 2000, representing an improvement in the trade
The figures for imports and exports/re-exports shown represent the total record on customs documents
brought to account at that period.  They do not necessarily represent the actual total amount of goods
imported into the country or exported from the country during that period.  However, the customs records
account for the major percentage by far , of total merchandise imports.
Caricom Countries:
Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Barbados, Belize
Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago
European Countries:
Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, West Germany
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