Anguilla: Tourism Summary Data

1st Quarter, January – March 2004



The good performance in visitor arrivals, which include Excursionists and Tourists, experienced in the latter part of 2003, continued into the first three months of 2004.   Total arrivals were 34,532 for this period compared to 30,165 in 2003, resulting in a 14% increase.  All three months (January – March) recorded increases with February having the highest percentage increase of 16% followed by January with 14% and March with 13%. 



Tourists (Stay over)


Tourists were the main source of increase for visitor arrivals.  During the 1st quarter this type of visitor performed considerably well.  Arrivals totaled 15,989 compared to 13,449 in 2003 resulting in a 19% increase.  The first quarter’s performance is drawing off a very encouraging 4th quarter 2003 when arrivals were up 16%.  The month of February had the highest percentage increase in tourist arrivals of 24% from last year.  January and March also showed increases of 14% and 19% respectively.


The 15,989 tourists that visited during this period were the highest total in arrivals to Anguilla since 1999, when 16,395 tourists visited which indicates that the it takes quite some time for the industry to recover from natural disasters (Hurricane Lenny 1999 and from some economic shocks that affect the world (September 11)).  March 2004 recorded the highest number in arrivals of 5,846.  This was also the largest influx of persons to the island in one month since 1999.


The route that tourists take to come to Anguilla is changing. They are increasingly coming by sea to Anguilla. The airport is usually the main port of entry for tourists and   49.3 % or 7,986 of overall tourist arrivals entered through this port for this first quarter 2004, a 3% decline from the same period last year.  Blowing Point port received 42.3% of overall tourist arrivals, up 30% from the first quarter 2003.  6,765 persons entered Anguilla through this port.  Sandy Ground was the port of entry for 1,328 persons for this period.


21% of tourists visiting Anguilla during January to March stayed for a period of 1-3 days.  39% stayed for just under a week and 40% stayed for a week or more.  The average length of stay was 7.7 days compared to 9.4 days in 2003.


Tourists from Germany increased 34.0% for this period, followed by tourists from Italy by 29%.  Other countries experiencing increases were the U.S.A., Canada and the United Kingdom by 18%, 14.3% and 15.6% respectively.  Arrivals from the Caribbean were down 38% for the quarter compared to last year.





Excursionists (Day-Trippers)


Excursionists to Anguilla for the first quarter were 11% higher than the same period in 2003.  All three months (January – March) registered increases of 15%, 10% and 9% respectively.


As is expected, Blowing Point had the largest number in arrivals for this type of visitor.  Most excursionists are persons staying in St. Martin and who take the ferry over to Anguilla and make a day of it, enjoying the sights and beaches. 13,800 persons or 74% of excursionists passed through this port.  24% entered through Sandy Ground and 1.5% of overall excursionists entered via the airport.


The U.S.A. was the country from where most excursionists originated, but other Europe (which includes Switzerland and Austria) recorded the largest increase in excursionist arrivals of 82.3% for this period compared to 2003.  Arrivals from the U.K., Italy, Germany and Canada were up 21%, 18.2% and 9.5% respectively over 2003.



Cruise Passengers


33 small sized cruise vessels visited Anguilla between January and March 2004 with an overall passenger total of 4,040 persons. Each vessel carried on average a total of 122 passengers.  This compares to the 1,382 passengers who arrived on 24 vessels for the same period last year, with each carrying an average of 58 passengers.



Tourist Expenditure


During the first quarter 2004, tourists spent on average US$19.1 million on accommodation, dining and other events, while excursionists spent US$1.0 million this is in comparison to US$17.7 million spent by tourist for the same period in 2003 and US$910,000 spent by excursionists.







This report along with other Tourism Data, are available at the Government of Anguilla’s website: