Ministry of Health & Social Development

Honourable Minister: Evans M. Rogers

Permanent Secretary: Bonnie Richardson-Lake, PS Education

Permanent Secretary: Merwyn F Rogers, PS Social Development

Ministry Summary

The Ministry of Social Development is responsible for the development and implementation of all matters related to the social development of the country.  This includes Health, Education, Youth & Culture, Sports, Social Development, Probation, Prisons, Library Services and Health Protection.  The Minister of Social Development, the Honourable Evans McNiel Rogers leads the Ministry with the assistance of two Permanent Secretaries, Mrs. Chanelle E. Petty Barrett and Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake.  Mrs. Petty Barrett has responsibility for the Departments of Education, Library Services, Youth & Culture and Sports while Dr. Richardson-Lake has responsibility for the Departments of Social Development, Probation, Health Protection, and HM Prison as well as the Directorate of Health Services Quality Management, the National AIDS Programme, and the monitoring and regulation of the Health Authority of Anguilla.  The staff of the Ministry of Social Development is comprised of the following persons:

Minister of Social Development: Hon. Evans McNiel Rogers

Permanent Secretary, Education, Youth & Culture, Sports: Mrs. Chanelle Petty Barrett

Permanent Secretary, Health & Social Development: Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake

Education Planner: Mrs. Dawn Reid

Health Planner: Mr. Lynrod Brooks

Social Development Planner: Ms. Kiesha Gumbs

Director of Health Services Quality Management/Chief Nursing Officer:  Mrs. Serene Carter-Davis

National AIDS Coordinator: Mrs. Civilla Kentish

Quality Management Officer:  Mrs. Alma Hughes

The Government of Anguilla is committed to the provision of tertiary education, particularly technical training, on island. In support of this the Anguilla Community College was established in April 2009 and is governed by a Board of Governors chaired by Mrs Rhona Richardson-Roydon. The College is managed by a President, Professor Delroy Louden, PhD.

Each of the eight departments that fall under the Ministry of Social Development has a department head responsible for the oversight of that department.  These department heads include:

Chief Education Officer:  Mrs. Rhonda Connor
Director of Youth & Culture: Mr. Bren Romney
Director of Sports:  Mrs. Wilma Proctor
Director of Library Services: Mr. Bernard Wattley
Commissioner of Social Development:  Mr. Sanford Richardson
Chief Probation Officer:  Mrs. Jocelyne Johnson-Carty
Superintendent of Prisons: Mr. Conrad Gumbs
Director of Health Protection: Mr. Ambrell Richardson

The Health Authority of Anguilla (HAA) is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by Dr. Franklin Lloyd.  HAA operations are managed by Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ralph Hodge.

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