Resident Stamps

Processing of Permanent Residence applications

  • Please refer to the Revised Regulations of Anguilla: 15-3

  • Applications for Permanent Residence can be collected at the Immigration Main Office.
  • A processing fee of EC$150.00 is charged.
  • Permit Fee Options include
    EC$1,000.00 (payable annually)
    EC$2,000.00 (permit valid for 2 years)
    EC$2,500.00 (permit valud for 3 years)
  • Fee for replacement or variation of a permit of permanent residence EC$75.00
  • Application for Permanent Residency

NB: Section B of the application form must be completed

Processing of Resident Stamp applications

The Resident Stamp is issued to persons who are married to an Anguillian/Belonger. 

  • An application for Residence Stamp must be completed and submitted to the Immigration Department.
  • The applicant would need to submit supporting documents such as
  1. Marriage Certificate
  2.  Passport
  3.  Birth Certificate
  4.  Divorce Decree
  5.  Photographs

Resident Stamp fees have been changed as of May 1, 2007
The new fees are as follows:

  • For processing first time applications EC$200.00
  • For grant of Resident Stamp EC$300.00
  • For processing renewal of Residence Stamp EC$ 50.00
  • For grant of renewal of Resident Stamp EC$200.00