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Customs duty exemptions on goods imported for rebuilding efforts following Hurricane Irma
Aug 8, 2023, | By Admin

The Governor in Council under section 76(1) (b) of the Customs Act, R.S.A c169 has ratified the Customs (Duty Exemption) (Hurricane Irma Relief) (No. 2) Regulations for the tax exemption on goods imported for rebuilding purposes following the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma.

The Regulations provide for the duty-free importation of building materials and furnishings by churches, benevolent societies, community organizations, private businesses and private individuals for the purpose of facilitating the recovery and reconstruction process through the repair and refurnishing of their buildings.

The exemption covers a period of 117 days commencing the 6th day of September 2017 until the 31st day of December 2017. It should be noted that the exemption also covers the waiver of the Customs Service Charge of six percent (6%) for the same period. However, the Customs Administrative Fee of five percent (5%) for Duty Free processing will be due and payable.

Individuals and entities seeking customs duty exemptions for these purposes will be required to submit an application to the Ministry of Finance. Customs Duty exemption will be granted to individuals and entities whose losses due to Hurricane Irma have been verified by the Ministry of Finance. Any person who makes any false statement on his application for exemption or produces any supporting document which is false commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of $10,000 and 6 months imprisonment in accordance with the Customs Act, R.S.A c169

Should anyone have any questions or concerns, they can contact the Ministry of Finance at or (264) 497 2547 or the Customs Department at (264) 497-2513.