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Persons using the website are required to communicate their views and raise queries without resorting to gratuitous insults or indecent language. Queries which do not meet the requisite standards will not be displayed on the website and are unlikely to generate a response.

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Perin A. BradleyWelcome to "Tell the DG", an interactive website designed to facilitate communication between the Deputy Governor, the delegated Head of the Public Service and the stakeholders of the public service particularly individual members of the public service. The Deputy Governor will use the website to keep the stakeholders apprised of significant happenings in the Anguilla Public Service. This will include the retirement, resignation and appointment of senior officials, significant disciplinary matters and new initiatives designed to improve services offered, the efficiency and productivity of the service and the terms and conditions of public servants.

Stakeholders are invited to comment on or raise questions in relation to any of these areas and indeed in relation to matters not posted on the website. Comments or queries raised will be responded to in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Persons posting comments or queries to the website are required to respect the guidelines governing its use.





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