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Travis Carty

Comptroller's Message

May I be the first to welcome you to Anguilla Customs. As we move speedily to provide you with a more improved professional service, we are hopeful that this medium will act as an essential high capacity enabling platform. The Anguilla Customs department has begun its journey to embark on a modernization program aimed at engendering an environment which is conducive to the facilitation of legitimate traders, passengers and goods entering and leaving out of the island.

We are fully cognizant of the challenges and expectations of the current global trading environments and in this regard are constantly equipping ourselves with the requisite tools, including electronic media to disseminate and retrieve vital information. This we sincerely believe will not only aid our internal efforts at meeting out goals but to be of equal benefit to all our clients, commercially and otherwise. We pledge to respond promptly to your queries and to provide you with an informative, updated website to facilitate this ever dynamic business environment.

Travis Carty
Comptroller of Customs


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