Anguilla Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)

The Anguilla AEOI Portal is an online application that will allow you to submit your returns to the Anguilla Inland revenue Department. Use the links below to access the production or training environment as required. New users can follow the links on the portal page to register as necessary.

Anguilla AEOI Production Portal Anguilla AEOI Training Portal
Anguilla AEOI Portal User Guide

AEOI Video Tutorials

Part 1 - Registering to the AEOI Portal Part 2 - Managing Users
Part 3 - Create New Returns Manually Part 4 - Create New Returns XML
Part 5 - Amend Return XML Part 6 - Amend Return Manually
Part 7 - Delete Returns Part 8 - Void Return
Part 9 - Void Return XML Part 10 - Change Reporting Obligations

For further information please contact the Inland Revenue Department at (264) 497 8334 or send an email to SupportAEOI