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The Government of Anguilla is happy that you have visited this page. As a potential investor, you will find useful information about Government’s share sale offer in ANGLEC. Please go to FAQ to have your questions answered. Also, please visit the calendar to see the dates and times for information sharing activities planned by the Government of Anguilla. You can attend in person, listen on the radio or stream the events over the internet, links are provided.

Executive Council has approved the sale of government’s shareholding in ANGLEC; thus, the sale offer of shares in the company. The strategic sale to prospective investors is one way of ensuring stability and balance in the Budget and affirms our commitment to debt management responsibilities. The earnings from the sale will be used to seed the first Sinking Fund of the Government of Anguilla specifically for debt service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ANGLEC?

ANGLEC stands for Anguilla Electricity Company. It is the sole public supply of electricity in Anguilla. Visit their website for more information:


How to purchase shares?

The Broker is Bank of Saint Lucia Limited (BOSL Investment Banking Services). To contact them use the below email address, website and social media as follows:


When can I purchase shares?

The offer period is 25 August to 25 September 2017

Who can purchase shares?

You should try to purchase shares early to improve your chance of being successful during the offer. The offer open on 25 August 2017 and the close date is 25 September 2017

Why is Government offloading their shares in ANGLEC?

The Government of Anguilla is divesting their stake in ANGLEC to raise financing but most importantly, to reduce control of ANGLEC and focus on regulation of the Energy sector.

What will the money raised be used for?

The earnings from the shares sold on the capital market will be seed money to start the first ever Sinking Fund by the government which will be used to service public debt.

What does this mean for ANGLEC as a company?

ANGLEC transitioned to a public company back in 1991, when government launched its initial public offering of shares in what was a government department. This share sale does not immediately or directly impact the structure or management of the company. The company will continue to be answerable to its shareholders and operate in their shareholders’ interest.


"Interested investors should note that there are risks to making an investment that they may have to bear. After an investor has invested in this security the value can fluctuate in monetary terms and the income you receive from it can go down, as well as up, and you may get back less than you originally invested. This holding is not traded on an established security market; as such there is no readily available liquidity mechanism for the investment. Each prospective investor is urged to seek independent investment and legal advice concerning the consequences of investing in ANGLEC"

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